Nancy O'Dell discusses beauty regimen since birth of Ashby

Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell, 41, welcomed daughter Ashby Grace, now 7 months, last June. Appearing on the cover of the latest issue of Southern Beauty, Nancy was asked how her beauty routine has changed since the birth. She replied,

A LOT!  First of all, as a new mom, you just don’t have the extra timeyou used to have for beauty.  I run out of the studio to get home to mybaby girl, because a smile from her just makes my day and I miss everyminute away from her. 

In the mornings before I go to work, I wannahang at home a little longer to be with her, so the makeup and hairartists have to each become ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ as I tell them.  But yes,having the job I have, I have to do a certain amount of maintenance …it is just less now. 

And my beauty regimen has also changed due tobreastfeeding … there are certain lotions and potions I cannot usebecause I am nursing.  I know how vitally important breastfeeding is,so I gladly give them up and will get back ‘fresher skin’ when I finishnursing.  I want to go for a year. 

Hopefully my skin has a naturalglow from the happiness my baby girl has brought me.

Source: Southern Beauty via NY Post

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