Nancy Grace's Lucy and John gaining weight


The first week at home with her babies — John David and Lucy Elizabeth, 4 weeks — has been a busy one for CNN host and lawyer Nancy Grace. She blogs,

Little Lucy is making great progress. I’ve been very worried about her because she barely weighed two pounds when she was born. The doctors had estimated she weighed much more, but when she arrived we found out differently.Today I was stunned, I saw her little face had filled out!

She looks like the Gerber baby! Big eyes with round cheeks and a smile that breaks your heart. I’m so grateful….she is past five pounds I’m sure! Her next weigh in at the doctor is Thursday morning. I can’t wait!

Now John David is not afraid of a bottle! He weighed in at over seven pounds and when I pick him up I know he has gained. I’m so happy. It was just a month ago today they came into the world way before their time, watching them grow is a gift from Heaven for me. With every ounce, I breathe a little easier.

Please keep John David and little Lucy in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you…..ngrace

Nancy, 48, plans to return to her CNN show on January 7th after a two-month maternity leave.

Source: Nancy’s blog

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Alice.

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