Nancy Grace on her 'twin miracles'

CNN Headline News anchor Nancy Grace, 48, welcomed her long-awaited twins, John David and Lucy Elizabeth, by emergency c-section on November 4th. The babies are now 9-weeks old, home from the hospital and doing well. In this week’s issue of People, Nancy tells her story in her own words.


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After losing my fiancé [Keith Griffin, who was murdered in 1979] theway I did, I never thought love and marriage, much less havingchildren, would happen to me.

I met David [Linch, 49, an investment banker] after Keith died. We’dmaintained a long-distance relationship over the years. Last April Isaid, ‘Let’s do it.’ He said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘Get married — thisweekend.’

I always wanted a family. I was 47 when I got pregnant. I’d been trying for a couple of years and thought it would never happen.

Initially, I didn’t know I was carrying twins. Then I went in for aroutine ultrasound and there were two heartbeats. They were referred toas Baby A and Baby B. Early on I was told I had lost Baby B, thatsomehow I had miscarried. The doctors referred to this as the ‘disappearing twin phenomenon. Several weeks later, they found a second heartbeat; the twin was back.

Soon after, a doctor told me my cervix was too short to carry twinsfull term. She said, ‘You will have to consider selective termination.’I freaked out. I sat up in my paper gown and said, ‘No way! I am notaborting one of the twins!’ I was referred to a specialist and, sureenough, the cervix was perfect.

In August I was having horrible abdominal pains and trouble breathing. My feet were so swollen I could only wear flip-flops.

On November 4th David took me to Northside Hospital in Atlanta because I couldn’t breathe. The doctor said, ‘You’ve got pulmonary edema.’ My lungs had been filling up with water.

Ninety minutes later the twins arrived by emergency c-section. Lucywas breech and weighed 2 lbs, 15 oz; John David was 5 lbs, 1 oz. A weeklater I had to go back to the ER because I had blood clots in my lungs. Now I’m on long-term blood thinners.

Before I had the babies, I never really let myself love 100%. Lucyand John David have changed all that. There’s no way I can’t love them200%. I can’t imagine the world without them.

Source: People, January 14th issue, p. 152-152.
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