Nancy Grace, John David, and Lucy video

To promote Nancy Grace‘s return from maternity leave to her show this evening, CNN has posted a new video of Nancy and 9-week old twins John David and Lucy Elizabeth. The clip appears to have been shot the same day as the recent People photoshoot. In the video, an emotional Nancy, 48, introduces the babies, saying,

Lucy wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face — she stays that way almost all day long. John David is named after John the Revelator, who wrote Revelation and ended up being exiled for his beliefs, and his father, David [Linch]. And Lucy Elizabeth is named after my grandmother who helped raise me, and my mother Elizabeth.

They look almost identical, except he’s much bigger than her. He’s a brick! He’s at 8 lbs now. I’m proud to say [Lucy’s] almost 6 lbs now. They’re just miracles.

I went into the hospital that day thinking I was just having breathing problems — I didn’t know anything was wrong. I had no idea I had blood clots in my lungs and pulmonary edema. I hadn’t been there an hour and a half before these two children were delivered by emergency cesarean. When it happened, I could feel them coming out, but it didn’t hurt.

And I saw them for about 45 seconds, they were all swaddled up, and I got to kiss my finger and put it on their forehead, and that’s one of the last things I remember.

Source: CNN.

Thanks to CBB readers Megan and Kate.

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