By peoplestaff225
Updated September 04, 2008 05:00 PM

At the Zoo myMonkeemoo

I love my jogger stroller, but it's been seriously lacking in style. But not anymore. A year-old company called myMonkeymoo (how cute is that name?) makes stroller pads and blankets ($69 each or a matching set for $133) that bring panache to any ride. With gorgeous fabrics like the sophisticated "Socialite Stripe" or the fun "At the Zoo," every mom will find a pattern that suits them and complements their stroller. Looking good isn't the only benefit here, though. Made of the lightest but most plush and soft material imaginable (seriously, I had to look at the label to make sure it wasn't Chinchilla!), myMonkeymoo‘s patterned side of the pad keeps baby cool but comfy in the summer so your child doesn't get all sweaty during strolls, and the other is perfect for cold winter days. You know – when you really need that walk, but you're worried about your little one freezing against the nylon of the stroller. You just feed the straps through the pad's stroller-ready slits and you're all set — and it's just as easy to remove when you want to put it in the washing machine.

Co-founded by Canadians Kirsti King, who has one daughter, and Ken Bower, the father of two girls, myMonkeymoo, which is based in Vancouver, hit stores up north in 2007 and has now expanded into the United States. A list of stores in each state and province is listed at, or products can be purchased directly at the site's eStore. No matter which pattern you pick, you're sure to go bananas — yes, I had to say it — over this brilliantly designed line.

— Jen