Myleene Klass talks about co-sleeping and pregnancy brain

In an appearance this morning on the British talk show GMTV singer Myleene Klass raved about life with Ava Bailey, turning 6-months on Saturday, her daughter with fiancé Graham Quinn. However Myleene, 29, said that — as is common after a baby arrives — Graham is occasionally the odd man out in the equation.

He does feel a bit left out sometimes, which I try to avoid. But it’s inevitable, it really is. The first thing that happens when you wake up is you’re looking after the baby. And you want to as well.

The young family is currently co-sleeping, and Myleene says that in the morning their bedroom resembles a scene "out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" because "all our feet are hanging out the bed." If Myleene isn’t pushing Graham aside to tend to the baby, Myleene says that — at night, at least — it’s often the baby pushing Graham aside to get some sleep!

And [Ava] sleeps like a starfish. Graham definitely has the bad side because she just kicks him in the back.

Myleene also revealed that she "forgot everything" while she was pregnant with Ava, and that her ‘pregnancy brain’ even led her to forget where she and Graham live.

I had my keys color-coded for me. Usually I’m supposed to be able to sit down and play a sonata, and there I am thinking, ‘Should I use the yellow key to get in through the front door, or the green key?’ I couldn’t remember, it was really frustrating.

Ava is the first child for the couple.

Source: My Park Magazine

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