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Updated December 31, 2008 06:00 PM

With a resume that boasts jobs including a TV presenter, pop star, classical musician, model, author, and more recently fashion designer, Myleene Klass may seem like more than an average mom. The 30-year-old, however, begs to differ. “Show me a mum who doesn’t have a lot of plates in the air,” challenges the mom of 16-month-old Ava Bailey. Revealing that her secret is to simply be “organized,” Myleene shares that a consistent and logical approach to her projects has been key to her long list of accomplishments as she completes “one project before I start the next.” While her days may be busy, life on the go suits an active Myleene, who admits she “can’t sit still.” Her advice to keeping up? Being a mom!

Determined to fulfill her goals, Myleene insists that when it comes to Ava’s career choice, there is no added pressure to follow in her mother’s footsteps. In fact, Myleene — who is “no pushy mom” — is hopeful that her daughter will have a future in culinary arts! “I’d rather she become a chef. My fiancé [Graham Quinn] can only heat things up. And I can’t cook — I could burn water,” laughs Myleene. However, if Ava’s interests so far are a hint as to where her passion lies, there may very well be another musician in the family. Gifting her daughter with a baby piano for Christmas, Myleene explains that the two can now play music together!

A busy schedule that balances work-related commitments and family time, Myleene is set on adding more children to the mix. Although the original fantasy of “the 20 I once dreamed of” may be out of the question, Ava is certain to become a big sister — and possibly a flower girl! — in the near future. “At least four. Well, two. And we do want to get married,” says Myleene.

Source: Mirror