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After giving birth to Ava Bailey, 13 months, last year television presenter Myleene Klass says that — like so many before her — the rigors of new motherhood came as a surprise. "It seemed there was lots to do, and it overwhelmed me," she admits in a new interview with Fabulous magazine. "There’s so much to remember and you’re so frightened — you’ve got to get it right." Hormones and sleep deprivation compounded the situation, leading Myleene to proclaim the first few months postpartum as the loneliest time of her life. In speaking about the highs and lows she was experiencing, however, she inadvertently helped countless other moms.

"There’s almost a conspiracy between women because you don’t want to be the one who says you can’t cope. After I talked publicly about it, I had so many letters and emails thanking me."

Myleene, 30, wasn’t the only one who had trouble adjusting to life with baby, however; Her fiancé Graham Quinn experienced some growing pains of his own. "It was difficult in the beginning because Gray had to learn there was a new hierarchy," Myleene reveals. "He still says now: ‘It’s Ava, then the goldfish, then me.’ There were times when you wonder: ‘Am I going mad here?’ Like everything he said was wrong. But you know we’re normal — normal as can be."

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Despite her various professional endeavors — including a new children’s clothing line for Mothercare — Myleene says she sets aside one full day each week for family, only. "I love it when I close the door behind me and it’s just the three of us," she says. "No computers or phones. We barely answer the door." When asked about the possibility of more children, Myleene admits that just a few months ago she would have deemed the idea "insane."   

"But I’m warming to it now. All my memories have my brother and sister in them and I’d like Ava to have the same memories."

Having recently celebrated her 30th birthday, saying goodbye to her 20s was "quite invigorating" for Myleene and she wouldn’t turn back the clock — even if she could. "Now I might be a bit more wrinkly, but I earned those wrinkles, I earned those stretch marks…So what if I’ve got trousers I can’t get into because my bum’s bigger?" she asks. With time and experience, Myleene has become self-confident about her ability to mother — or anything else she sets her mind to. 

"You will never be able to please everybody. There will always be someone looking at you thinking: ‘You do too much of this and too little of that. But you know what you need, and you know what your baby needs. Nobody else." 

Source: Fabulous

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