April 20, 2008 01:21 PM

I am often asked about my favorite nursing bras but bras are likeshoes — everybody’s got a different pair and therefore different needs.For example, I have a high instep and arches that kind of flatten out(but I’m not flat-footed) so shoes that are really comfortable for memight not be for you. So I can tell you what worked for me in the nursing bra department.

I was always well-endowed in the chest department despite myshort stature, and after giving birth, my boobs settled down into a34DD-DDD. Nursing bras are kind of like regular bras — a huge selectionof cute ones for smaller cup sizes but if you are bustier, you’relimited to grandma-like styles. However, this IS changing and towardsthe end of nursing, I started finding a larger selection of prettierbras. (Now I’m down to a smaller size, perhaps 34D-DD.)

Here were my favorites:

Le Mystere Florence Underwire Nursing Bra style 161 (left, $52)
Hands down my favorite nursing bra.Made of lace and cotton, it is very supportive, comfortable and even alittle sexy.
Grenier Mater Nursing Bra ($36) 
Cotton underwire with a smidgeon of lace.  My third favorite bra.
Eve Alexander Lycra Nursing Bra
Really supportive for a soft cup bra.
Eve Alexander Lace Nursing Bra ($30-38)
Very pretty, comes in white with pink or black.
Bravado Designs Nursing Bra ($36)
A great comfortable bra for your pregnancy and early nursingdays, especially to wear to bed.  I didn’t find the larger sizes to besupportive enough for going out of the house but I will wore them athome when my other bras are in the wash.
Elle Macpherson Intimates Maternelle non-underwire drop cup bra ($50)
I really liked this bra but it is cut pretty high in front.
Anita Nursing Bra style 5075 ($39)
I had a whole bunch of these  and loved them.

What are your favorite nursing bras?

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