Baby Allegra is using a lot of her older brother’s hand-me downs. Which I am fine with (and she doesn’t care anyway). But when it came to using something like her brother’s infant car seat, I wanted to girlify it up a bit. Rather than buy a new one, we are using an adorable Infant Car Seat Cover from My Blankee($99), with a hood. I picked the Watermelon Retro Dot Velour — a snuggly white velour with brown, pink and celery green polka dots, it’s pictured to the left, (with a JJ Cole Bundle Meon top of it.)

Installing My Blankee’s Infant Car Seat Cover was easy. I have a Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat, but this car seat cover will fit most types of infant car seats . The infant car seat cover slipped on easily and stayed on securely. The hood was a little harder to attach. You pull the attachments out of the hood that it came with — I had to unclick it and it was a little stubborn. Then use the regular hood attachments to attach the new hood (that part was simple). The hardest thing was actually picking what pattern and fabric I wanted. Click here to see the choices. You can also get a large and extra large size car seat cover (to fit a convertible car seat).

We also checked out one of their cute pillows. Covered in blue raised dot velour fabric, trimmed with satin, the small pillow (8" x 8") was perfect for my two year old — he loved cuddling with it. My Blankee has a lot of marvelous products for baby, like cuddly luxury blankees, baby clothing (check out the creative hooded baby capes), children’s clothing, as well as baby bibs, hooded towels, and bumpers and dust ruffles for cribs. They also have spa quality robes (which would be a great gift for a expectant mom’s hospital stay). You can also get adult- sized blankets. Since I spend a lot of time in my recliner nursing Allegra, a plush throw from My Blankee could come in handy during the many, many late night feedings!! You can personalize a lot of their fab products, like blankees, bibs, pillows, and crib sets. How awesome is that?

Constance Zimmer, Tori Spelling, Cynthia Daniel, Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie are all fans of this company’s products.