By peoplestaff225
Updated September 22, 2008 07:00 AM

Whether your child is going off to Grandma’s for the weekend or to daycare, My Bag by Kushies ($79.99) is a terrific large duffel-type bag that will keep your child’s stuff organized. Each of the sides of the duffel unzip for extra storage and I found it the perfect place to keep bottles, cups and diapers in for my children. It comes with a small fleece pillow and blanket, four blue nylon drawstring bags, two insulated zipper containers, and one large white zippered bag. The nylon drawstring bags can have a graphic and a label underneath and are for shoes, clean clothes, dirty clothes, a soiled clothes bag. On the back of each of the bags is a place for your child’s name to be written in permanent marker, which I thought was very smart. One insulated zippered pouch is for medicines, the other for snacks. You can use the large white zippered bag to hold the pillow and blanket or for really, really soiled clothes. The bag has a leather loop so you can hang it up vertically on a hook or in a cubby. It’s available in two color combinations; a chocolate brown/blue with a puppy graphic and or a pink/orange version with a cupcake.

The best thing about this bag is the way it unzips. Unhook the velcro and pull the strap, the bag will unzip widely and quickly, to make it easier to get at the contents. I would have liked to see some more pockets inside the bag. However, the included bags are a very smart idea and can be easily rearranged in a hurry — for when you really, really need a clean change of clothes. It doesn’t include a changing pad, so bring your own if your child needs it.


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