My Baby Can Talk: Sign language DVD for babies

I will admit that I did NOT want to like My Baby Can Talk, sign language DVDs from Baby Hands Productions. Regular readers of this column will recall that we are teaching our daughter American Sign Language (ASL) using the Signing Time series which we love. I did not want to like another ASL series of DVDs because it just didn’t feel right to cheat on our friends Rachel, Alex and Leah!

In the spirit of honest reviewing, however, I let my daughter watch My Baby Can Talk – Sharing Signs and, much to my surprise, she fell in love with it. Something about this video is like crack to my two-and-a-half-year-old and she requests it pretty often.

Set to classical music and designed to encourage interaction, My Baby Can Talk features real world images, puppet shows, colorful toys (in motion) and babies communicating with simple gestures. The toys and the puppets really didn’t appeal to me because I felt like she would learn more from watching other kids and real places, however, she really responds to them (proving that I don’t think like a toddler and that these people know what they are doing)! It is no wonder then that the My Baby Can Talk series has received sixteen national awards.

My Baby Can Talk is available through as well as at Babies R Us, The Right Start and buybuyBaby among others. For a complete list of retailers click here. You can also purchase them directly from the My Baby Can Talk site. Also check out fun resources on the site featuring detailed tutorials, background research and a video dictionary.

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For a personal account of why my husband and I chose to teach ASL to our daughter, click on the extended post.

Originally posted July 22, 2007: I learned about how well babies respond to sign language before a babywas even a thought in my head. When my little cousin startedshowing signs of speech delays, his mom started aggressively teachinghim howto sign and I watched as he went from a frustrated toddler who couldnotverbalize his wants to a content little boy who could easily ask forwhat hewanted with his hands and expressions.

We started signing with Catie almost from the instant shewas born and by 10-months she knew her basic signs (milk, eat, water and, muchto my husband’s delight, daddy). Just around her first birthday we bought thefirst three Signing Time DVDs and experienced a sign language explosion. Now attwo-years-old, she knows nearly 200 signs. ASL is so prominent in our household that I often find myself saying and signing words to kids whose parents never taught them ASL at all.

Signing has not only helped us abate the tantrums that stemfrom a toddler not being able to verbalize his or her wants (Can’t say grapes?Don’t get frustrated; just sign “Mama/Want/Grapes.” It works – I swear it!) butit has also helped tune her fine motor skills in a big way. Aside from allthese benefits, it has also brought another beautiful language into our alreadymulti-lingual household. I have been completelyamazed by Catie’s ability to not only learn all these languages (she hearsthree languages, as well as ASL on a daily basis) but to also register whospeaks what (she no longer signs with her grandparents, for example, becauseshe knows they only speak Spanish…though she will often teach them signs)!

I could go on and on about how great these DVDs are but youshould really check out the Signing Time site. I always buy mine from because I find their prices aregreat and the shipping is free.

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