Munchkin Mighty Grip Glass Bottle: The Real Worry-Free Glass Option

I’ve long been a fan of the Playtex Drop-Ins. But now that my twins are holding their own bottles, they have a hard time getting the last few ounces out of the compressed liners. So I’m on a mission for a replacement. At first glass was not an option. They love throwing their bottles at the end of the meal, and I just pictured glass shattering everywhere. But Munchkin’s Mighty Grip Glass Bottles changed my mind.

The esthetically pleasing design caught my eye immediately and the contoured sides made it easy for my little ones to get a grip. Also included is the Healthflow® Vented Nipple designed to prevent gas and colic. The silicone disc ensures that no plastic (from the cap) ever touches what’s in the bottle. And if—like me—you’re afraid of broken bottles, Munchkin has perfect little silicone Bottle Sleeves. They help improve grip, reduce breakage, insulate the bottle and add a pretty pop of color. Sliding the snug silicone sleeve onto the bottle took a little effort, but the end result was well worth it. The bottle stayed in one piece even my son forcefully threw it across the kitchen. The Mighty Grip Glass Bottles and Silicone Bottle Sleeves are both available in 4oz. and 8oz. sizes.

Munchkin bottles and accessories can be found at Target, Babies R Us and other retailers nationwide.

— Sarah S.

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