Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispenser: A Diaper Bag Essential

When I’m at home, diaper changes go pretty smoothly. It’s only when I’m visiting family that things get complicated. When I’m at my in-law’s I never know what to do with the dirty diapers. It feels disrespectful just throwing them in the little decorative bathroom trashcan. So I always toss a few diapers in an old plastic grocery bag before making an occasional trip to the big garage trashcan. Munchkin has taken this idea and improved it with their tiny Diaper Bag Dispenser ($5). Each dispenser comes with 24 lavender scented bags that deodorize with Arm & Hammer baking soda, plus a refill. They tear easily from the roll and once opened are slightly smaller than your average grocery store plastic bag. Plus with fun colors like blue and purple, it makes the nasty job of diaper changing just a bit more pleasant.

The popular Munchkin Diaper Duck takes the new Arm & Hammer refills ($5) too! Both are available at Target.

— Sarah S.

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