April 25, 2008 08:14 AM

Mountain Buggy recently sent me their 2008 Urban Double Stroller ($899)(dubbed the MBUD by parents in the know) to test out. Mountain Buggy, made in New Zealand, is a wonderful, strong stroller brand that will handle anything in its path. The company says, "We were built to last, to handle the roughest of terrains or the most extreme of conditions. Our products have been designed to be durable and immensely practical, living and breathing the values of strength and safety".

Celebrities who love their Mountain Buggies are Russell Crowe, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Molly Shannon.

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The Seat
The side by side seats were surprisingly roomy. The strong canvas was comfortable and very airy. I moved the 5-point harness up to accommodate my older child on one side and tightened the other 5 point harness for the baby. Ben is a taller 2 1/2 year old, and the seat will hold him perfectly for the next two years at least. For the first few times we used it, I just strapped the baby in the regular seat. Even though she is still pretty small, I felt very secure with her in it.  I also had the option to put the baby in her Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat using Mountain Buggy’s optional adapter (very easy to install and use) or I could have gotten the optional carrycot.  NOTE: When I was walking home, the baby was fussy, so I put her in the carrier and strapped her to me.  I did not feel a difference with only one child in the stroller. It did not tip or favor one side. There also was no difference pushing two children as opposed to just one, due to the superior shocks and suspension.

The MBUD’s frame is made of a lightweight high tensile aluminum and I found it to be very sturdy. I liked the size of the basket — I was able to fit snacks, blankets, my Lascal M1 Carrier and toys. I loved the cup holders and little zippered pouch on the back of the basket. The zipper pouch was perfect for tucking my keys and some money (and discreet enough that I could walk away from my braked stroller at the park without worrying that someone would go looking into it). The hood’s sun coverage is okay (but being with fair skinned children, I would have loved a little more coverage).

The fold was simple. First, fold the adjustable handle down. Then, turn the front wheels to the side.  Next, stand on one side of the stroller, push the two levers near the foot plate up simultaneously and it folds back.  Push down to complete the fold.

You can lock it by fastening the straps around the axle ( and it will make for a flatter fold).

The stroller will stand by itself (another plus). It easily fit into my closet (standing up) and didn’t take up much room.

Unfortunately, it didn’t fit as well in my trunk. I took it to the local mall also to test it out.  While it was wonderful to have a side by side stroller when we were there, getting it in and out of the car was tough. I had to take everything out (we have a mid size ’95 Camry) and wrestle it in. I could have taken the wheels off, which would have helped. I just didn’t have enough depth — though the width of the trunk was fine. For a long car trip, it would be worth it to take the wheels off — but not for quick runs to the store. If you have a minivan, SUV or just a deep trunk, the MBUD will fit perfectly.

Unfolding is easier. Just set the MBUD with the wheel side down. Unlock the strap and pull up on the parent bar. Stroller will snap open. Just push down to lock all the bits into place.

The Ride
I knew I would love it

when it took about 5 minutes to put it together — just add the air filled tires — No tools needed and the air pump is included. I immediately loaded both kids in, grabbed some snack and blankets and my Fleurville Lexie Tote and headed out to the park.  My adoration increased when I felt the super smooth suspension as I pushed it down our apartment hallway and it serenely glided over the cracked streets of my town.  My toddler, Ben, liked the MBUD‘s reclined seat (up on its most upright setting) and baby Allegra was very comfortable in the almost flat recline. Ben loved being able to see his little sister next to him, though she slept most of the way to the park.

At 29 inches wide, the MBUD easily fit through our apartment doorway. It was a little tougher to navigate it into, and out of, our elevator and into our garage (we cut through it to get to the park), but it became easier through practice. I had only used a Maclaren side by side one time before this, so double-wide strollers are new to me. I needlessly worried that the the steel footplate would damage my elevator, but it was padded on the edge and didn’t leave any marks.  It was such a joy to take this to our local park — pushing it was a breeze and so wonderful. I used the parent strap (just in case, this is one powerful stroller) and was easily able to push it one handed. It really was love at first push!

Final Thoughts:
This is an excellent all terrain double stroller. If you have an active lifestyle or briskly walk/jog your kids around the neighborhood or to the park, this is for you. It’s comfortable to use (and for your children to sit in). Even though it’s expensive, you can use this stroller for a long time (holds children up to 55 pounds) and really get your money’s worth.

Excellent suspension
Roomy for two kids
Loved the cup holders and little pouch on the back of the basket

Hood could block out sun better
Barely fit in my trunk
Due to size it’s quite heavy

Tip Test (Empty stroller with weighted diaper bag hanging from handlebar)
5lbs: No change — it didn’t tip any easier backwards
10lbs: This baby’s NOT tipping

Buy Yours
You can get your Mountain Buggy Urban Double at Letsgostrolling.com

CBB Deal: Mention “CBBGIFT” in the ordering instructions to get a free diapees and wipes and stroller swivellers for your new 2008 Mountain Buggy. Please let us know girl, boy or gender neutral.

What’s New for 2008

-Urbans only, Terrain double has been discontinued
-Newborn harness
-Protective covers on brake wire
-Comes with cup holder
-New Colors (Sand and Charcoal i
n Urbans, Navy in Elites)
-Recline is now 4 degrees off horizontal
-3 year global warranty

Mountain Buggy Specifications


Stroller   Name



Urban Double






Mountain Buggy












36 lbs



Folded   Dimensions



29"W x 41"L



Stroller   Width






Stroller   Length






Seat   Back Length




Seat   Width




Seat   Depth




Max.   Weight Limit



100 lbs



Max.   Height Limit






Min.   Age












Type   of Tires


  Air filled


Seat   Features



Multi-position recline


Car seat   Compatibility



Graco, Peg Perego with optional adapters



Standard   Accessories


Air pump (that fits in loop in basket), peekaboo window on hood


Optional   Accessories



Carrycot, twin carrycot, rain/sun covers, and a double bumper bar   

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