Lopez admits she thought her twins "didn't like her" at first

By Liz Raftery
May 07, 2012 08:00 AM
Credit: Courtesy REDBOOK

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, some of Hollywood’s biggest names are reflecting on their own ups and downs with motherhood.

In the June issue of Redbook celebrity moms such as Jennifer Lopez offer up their own experiences with parenting.

Lopez, 42, for instance, admits that not everything was smooth sailing after she gave birth to her twins, Max and Emme, now 4.

“I remember after the babies were born, about seven to 10 days in, I was like, ‘What is going on with me?’ ” the American Idol judge tells Redbook. “I felt sad and depressed and thought the babies didn’t love me.”

“I actually remember picking up the book [What to Expect When You’re Expecting] to try to see what was happening to me,” she continued, “and it said how you have this huge hormonal drop about seven to 10 days after you give birth. It’s called the ‘baby blues.’ But I just thought they didn’t like me!”

For Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks, who welcomed her son Felix in 2011 via a surrogate, motherhood has been a life-altering experience.

“I think the thing you always hear – but can’t really feel or believe – is how this little baby really does change your life,” Banks, 38, says. “When you have children, it’s the entire focus of your life, but my capacity for joy has been opened up in a way I never thought possible.”

Model Brooklyn Decker, 25, who’s made no secret of the fact that she and husband Andy Roddick are hoping to start a family, said she’s only willing to have children with a partner who will be hands-on.

“I would hope I’m in a position where I have a guy who is going to be helping me all the way through – even when I’m moody and craving ice cream at 12 a.m.,” she tells Redbook. “It didn’t take me long to know that Andy was the guy I was going to marry, and [what kind of dad he’d be] absolutely went through my mind when making that decision.”

Other stars, such as Cameron Diaz, said they opted to put their professional life over family.

“I thought I was going to be married and have two children by the time I was 21,” Diaz, 39, says. “I think I felt I had to model my life after my mother’s. But then my career was starting to take off and there were still so many things I wanted to do. So that dream for me was shattered early on. After that I never put another timeline on anything in my life.”