May 11, 2018 05:49 PM

You’ve seen a lot of Mother’s Day gift guides on the internet (including on this very site!). But what does mom really want to get this year? Tracey Tee and Shayna Ferm, the moms behind the hilarious Pump & Dump Show and authors of Parentally Incorrect: True Tales from Real Moms About the F–ked Up Things Their Kids Have Done, know exactly what’s on her list – and it’s not a mug with your face on it.

Tee and Ferm sit in a bathtub (where else can you hide from the kids who won’t even let you use the toilet in peace?) and list off the top five things that children, spouses or anyone in the universe who appreciates a woman who has recently clearned poop off the walls. And since these are the women who brought you a whole music video for their original song “A Hotel Room by Myself,” you know they’re going to get really real, really fast. 

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And if you are a mom: Watch, relate, shed a tear into the mac & cheese you’re eating off your kid’s plate a little bit and then maybe forward it along to anyone still shopping for you this year. Then maybe book a ticket to see The Pump and Dump show so you can laugh and cry alongside a bunch of other mamas who relate.

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