10 Daughters Tell PEOPLE How They're Celebrating Their Amazing Single Moms this Mother's Day

From L.A. to Arkansas, real women shared with PEOPLE why it's so important to celebrate single moms and the lasting impact they've made on their children's lives

Linda Enright and Angela Poccia
Photo: Angela Poccia
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Kelly McCall; Delmar, New York

Kelly McCall
Kelly McCall

Mom: Kimberly Muncil

"It’s hard to put into words the love and appreciation that I have for my mom. At only 35 years old, she had lost her husband to cancer and was faced with the challenge of raising two young children alone, on a teacher’s salary. Despite the circumstances, my mom rose above her struggles. She found strength in her faith and her love for my sister and me. When I think back on that time in my childhood, it is my mother's love that I remember. There may not have been two parents in our house, but there was always an abundance of love.

"My mom deserves to be honored every day and especially on Mother’s Day. It is because of her that I have a happy, beautiful life. Every year, the only thing mom wants to do on Mother’s Day is spend quality time with my sister and me, whether it’s taking a walk or having dinner on the porch together. My mom knows how fragile life is and no tangible gift will ever be worth as much [as] time she gets to spend with her daughters. Her love is undeniable, and I am blessed to know it.”

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Lauren Munroe; Los Angeles, California

Lauren Munroe
Lauren Munroe

Mom: Melanie Stroman

“It’s so important for me to celebrate my mom because I don't think I say thank you enough. I have watched my mom make huge sacrifices just so I could have a better life. She has supported all of my endeavors and creative ideas including my numerous high school choir concerts, although I know she was over it by senior year. She never let our realities overshadow my dreams and aspirations. She has constantly pushed my sisters and me to be the best women we were meant to be and to give our all in whatever we put our mind to. She has instilled important values within me that I will one day pass onto my children. Her determination and ambition pushes me every day to live life to the fullest with no regrets. My mom is my forever role model and personal superwoman. As a token of our appreciation, my sisters and I are taking my mom to a Patti LaBelle concert for Mother’s Day. I may not be able to repay her for everything she has done for me, however, I can give her flowers while she can smell them and that is what I will do.

"I love you Mom, Happy Mother's Day!”

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Jenna Henson Preston; Malvern, Arkansas

Kara Holloman Wildlight Creative

Mom: Missy Henson

"My mom is a genuine, good human being. She raised me, along with my brother, by herself and did it flawlessly! While running her own business, she never missed a game, practice, award ceremony, or choir concert (even though I am a terrible singer). She took us to church and drove us to and from school every day. Even in college, when I moved over an hour away, she didn’t miss a single event. For Mother’s Day this year, my mom and I, along with my 2-year-old son, are going on a cruise to celebrate all week long!

"I have so many memories of us playing catch in our front yard, shooting hoops together, and going to the creek behind our house. She is the type of mom who would pack a picnic and make every single day feel like an adventure. Even though she was a single mom and still is, I never noticed or thought about it because not for a single moment did I ever think anything was 'missing.' Now that I am a mother and a wife, I think EVERY DAY about just how easy she made motherhood seem. She is my true hero and there is no other woman like her."

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Angela Poccia; New York, New York

Linda Enright and Angela Poccia
Angela Poccia

Mom: Linda Enright

"My mom has been the rock in my life. She has taught me what it means to be strong and independent. As a working single mom of three, she had continued to strive for success, which has inspired me throughout my entire life. For Mother's Day this year, I'm planning to go home to New Jersey to surprise her with a cake and flowers. Then, my sisters and I will take her out to brunch together.

"I'm so grateful for all she has done for me and my two sisters and I'm in awe of the accomplishments she's made within the past few years, including completing her PhD in Pharmacy and pursuing an MBA. My mom always reaches for the stars and shows us that anything is possible, no matter the circumstances. Go Mom Go!”

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Krystal Mak; San Francisco, California

Krystal Mak
Krystal Mak

Mom: Olivia Yen

“Everything I am and everything I’ve accomplished is because of my mom. As a single mom to two very young daughters, my mother showed us not only what it means to be strong and independent women, but she also taught us to be kind and thoughtful ones, too. She has consistently gone out of her way to help the less fortunate in our local community and she gives to others with no expectation of receiving anything in return. She retired in her early 40s so she could play an active role in my and my sister’s upbringings. She made sure we succeeded academically and taught us never to be afraid of taking risks. She also taught us to appreciate nature. My sister and I no longer live in L.A. so the most meaningful thing we can give to our mom is quality time. That's why I’m flying down to L.A. for Mother’s Day! We’re going to celebrate by doing all of our favorite mother-daughter activities: hiking, going to dim sum, and cooking at home.”

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Bianca Batten; New York, New York

Bianca Batten
Bianca Batten

Mom: Mary Batten

“My mother has been the best example of love, kindness, hard work and determination. She taught me how important it is to love and care for yourself first, so you can give the same energy to others. In her free time, my mom works at the YMCA and with women who have been affected by domestic violence. She has raised me to give back as much as you can. It is especially important to me to celebrate my mother because of how above and beyond she’s gone to raise my brother and me as a single mother. She is always true to herself, incredibly dedicated, and a total queen.

"I am unfortunately 5,000 miles away from my mom, who lives in Hawaii, so I will send her a handwritten card because she has a huge stack of every card I’ve ever given her. I’ll probably talk on the phone with her for at least an hour after her morning swim and my older brother, who also lives in Hawaii, will cover the flowers and big hug from the two of us.”

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Piera Pizzo; Los Angeles, California

Piera Pizzo
Piera Pizzo

Mom: Silvana Palazzolo

"Growing up, my mom worked three jobs to put me through private school so I could be the first person in my family to attend and graduate from college. To me, she was mom and dad so every Mother’s Day I send her a large bouquet of flowers and a card, followed by a FaceTime call since I live in Los Angeles and she lives in Brooklyn. Throughout the year, I also plan surprise visits and FaceTime calls to show her my appreciation and love. My mom has taught me how to be a strong, determined and independent and I am so lucky to have her as my mother!"

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Arianna Zakrzewski; East Providence, Rhode Island

Mother's Day Arianna Zakrzewski, Linda Zakrzewski and Nikolai Zakrzewski.
Arianna Zakrzewski

Mom: Linda Zakrzewski

“My mom has been my biggest source of strength and support my entire life, especially going into adulthood. I wouldn’t be the strong, intelligent, capable woman I am today if I didn’t have such a strong, intelligent, capable woman to call Mom! Seeing everything she can do, all on her own, as I grew up was really empowering and instilled a sense of confidence in me I’m not sure I would’ve had in a two-parent household. She showed me that girls ARE able to do anything we put our minds to!

"This year I’m celebrating my mom by giving her exactly what she asks for every year: a day to do absolutely nothing! It’s been hard to coordinate Mother’s Day plans ever since my brother and I started working weekends, but this year we’re treating her to dinner and a nice, quiet day of rest at home.”

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Helen Park; Oradell, New Jersey

Mother's Day Helen Park and Hannah Donovan
Helen Park

Mom: Hannah Donovan

“As a mom of two, I am lucky to have so much support every day. Motherhood has been challenging but a blessing at the same time. During some of my hardest days, I think about how much harder it was for my mom to raise me all on her own. She is beautiful inside and out, and I’m so proud to be her daughter. As I reflect on the life my mom has given me, I want to thank her for all of her sacrifices and celebrate her the way she deserves to be celebrated. This year for Mother’s Day, I’m planning on buying her dinner and giving her a gift from me and her grandkids.”

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Barbara Labowitz; New York, New York

Mother's Day Fatima Ramos and Barbara Labowitz
Barbara Labowitz

Mom: Fatima Ramos

“My mom and I have pretty much been on our own. She’s my best friend and we talk anywhere from two to seven times a day, depending on what’s going on. We’re always calling or texting to make sure we’re good since I’ve been living abroad. She’s an amazing woman and I always try to show her how much I appreciate her. For Mother’s Day, we used to go to the spa but this year I’m planning to take her out to lunch and then a jazz show. I wish I had more money to constantly spoil her but I always try to whenever I can.”

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