CBB Exclusive: Chantal Kreviazuk's pregnancy journal: Ready for a new little life to enter the picture

This column is sponsored by Chloe In Style, who is providing Chantal, now 18 weeks along, with baby and toddler apparel and toys. They are sending duplicates of each item to one of Chantal’s favorite outreach programs, Villa Rosa.


With the birth of her second child just three weeks away, our pregnancy column with Melissa Joan Hart is wrapping up (keep an eye out for her last journal entries and a CBB photoshoot later this week and next).

Looking to continue the journal format with another expectant mama due this summer, we contacted Canadian chanteuse Chantal Kreviazuk, 34, who is expecting her third son with hubby Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace on July 15th. The LA-based singer/songwriter is also mom to Rowan Michael, 4, and Lucca Jon, 2 ½, whom readers met in our well-received May 2007 interview.

As Melissa’s column did, Chantal’s will also have a philanthropic twist. Together with Chantal, the Celebrity Baby Blog is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Winnipeg, MB-based Villa Rosa, a prenatal and postnatal residence offering a wide variety of programs for single, pregnant, and new mothers.

Read on for Chantal’s first journal entry.

I am due to have my third child, another boy, on July 15th. I am really excited. I gave birth to Lucca just 16 months after our first child, Rowan. It was a bit much, now that I look back. I was pregnant with Lucca when Ro was just 6 months old! I think that for the first month or so, I was pretty freaked out, even scared and depressed. I am glad that the boys are close in age, it is an awesome thing. But giving my body a bit of a rest was definitely in order! Now I am ready for another pregnancy, birth, and new little life to enter the picture.

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It was a good lesson for me, to have felt overwhelmed by the news of my second pregnancy and then to be so massively in love with our sweet little Lucca. I can apply that lesson to this little guy, and not worry for a second about a thing. I can just revel in knowing that I am sure to be in love once again, with another sweet and unique personality, and all of the beautiful gifts that we get to enjoy with our offspring: that cute little baby butt, the sleep grins, and the chin that quivers before hurt feelings pour out in a good cry. I just love it all.

Of all of the tasks that life has presented me with, all the roles, challenges, rewards; being a mom is by far the greatest. I love the feeling that every moment I have with my children is an opportunity to positively influence a human being … another chance to show them love, patience, compassion and guidance. Of course, I have been puked on — direct hits to the mouth and eyes! — pooped and peed on, punched and hit and had the wind knocked out of me. I have been so humbled on so many occasions.

I have lost my patience, screwed it up, not been as gentle or patient as I would have liked to have been. I have been so sleep deprived. Soooooo sleep deprived. But I have so much joy when I just think of my little guys. They inspire me, and push me to levels, as a human being, as a woman that I never ever dreamed possible. They have made marriage mean so much more, and they are quite simply put the greatest thing ever. So another? Uh, duh! Let’s GO!

My belly has definitely already popped. My body is becoming very … well, I am all woman once again (and I LOVE it). I personally would take my 4 months pregnant body for the rest of my life over my un-pregnant trim self. I feel I even look like I have a purpose! I have done quite a bit of traveling (for War Child Canada) with this pregnancy, and as he was not really "planned" for this juncture, I have a lot more obligations to meet before he arrives!

I love hangin’ with him in my travels. I am getting some good rest, eating well and healthy (so far this is my healthiest pregnancy by far … least stressful, I am most comfortable with myself, and with pregnancy).

I am stronger than ever, doing two Pilates classes a week, and walking either outside or on the treadmill for a half hour several times a week. I am, I think, all in all the most thrilled about this pregnancy, again, because I know what to expect, know all the wonder that is about to come, and most importantly, because I am a little older now, and appreciate life, the miracle of pregnancy and birth more than ever. I feel truly blessed and privileged, and I am going to enjoy every minute.

Along with the Celebrity Baby Blog, who have so graciously offered to trail along with me throughout the pregnancy, we are going to lend a conscious spirit to the meaning of this baby and pregnancy. We will support Villa Rosa. It is important to me that in as many ways as possible, I move forward, even with a new human being coming to this planet, with a charitable heart and frame of mind. Of course a new person coming to the world means slightly more pressure on Mother Earth, so I want to give back as much to her as possible!


Photo copyright Jennifer Parris/Gabbeli Photography, shot exclusively for CBB in late January. Useelsewhere is prohibited. Hair and makeup by Douglas Martucci. Image is a sneak peek — the full photoshoot will be posted later!

THE CHARITY: Villa Rosahas been serving the women of Manitoba for 110 years. It is a residencein Winnipeg for young, single, expectant women in need, that provides theopportunity to have a healthy pregnancy and to stay in school. Theyoffer programs in decision making, anger management, prenatal classes,parenting programs, adoption support programs, as well as individualcounseling and support. All this is offered in a warm and supportiveenvironment with the assistance of a multi-disciplinary team ofprofessionals including teachers, social workers, and early childhoodeducators. Please see their website for more information.


THE SPONSOR:This column is sponsored by Chloe In Style. Chantal shares the samespirit as Chloe…with style, sass, music, and a carefreeattitude…she is living a happy life! Chloe In Style is listed as one ofthe top ten online stores to shop at by Canadian Family Magazine andhas been in Parents, InStyle, and Pregnancy magazines.

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