April 12, 2009 09:00 AM

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Lie to Mea television show loosely based on Paul Ekman and his study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions — requires the actors involved to figure out when someone is lying to them. Star Kelli Williams, 38, says she believes that motherhood to Kiran Ram, 10, Sarame Jane, 7, and Ravi Lyndon, 5, automatically makes her apt to catch lies on her radar.

 “I feel like mothers already have that ability. That third eye in the back of our head so we always know what our kids are doing,” she shares. However, she feels that she may have to read one of Paul’s enlightening books as her kids become teenagers — as she suspects “they will try to get better at [lying].”

Kelli, 38, is married to author Ajay Sahgal.

Source: The Tribune

– Angela

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