June 17, 2014 10:00 AM

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When Katie Hintz-Zambrano welcomed her first child, a son, last spring, the former fashion editor of Marie Claire and Details realized there was a major void online for parents like her.

“I saw a gaping hole in the market for a full-service parenting site geared towards style-conscious moms,” she tells to PEOPLE.

Not wasting any time, Hintz-Zambrano teamed up with mommy maven James McCoy, mastermind behind the blog Bleubird, and created a one-stop website for new moms, veteran moms and everyone in between, officially launching Mother at the beginning of May.

“It’s the first really cool motherhood site providing both inspiration and information on a daily basis,” she explains.

Along with three new articles a day, readers can expect a website full of fresh content ranging from celebrity profiles (did you ever wonder about Jessie Baylin‘s favorite adult eatery) and eco-friendly toy round-ups to vegan snack ideas for kids.

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While the site does focus on all-things related to baby, it also features plenty of other topics (think cocktail hour recipes, tips and tricks on achieving the perfect cat eye and suggestions on updating your living spaces for spring) that cater to women who don’t have time to browse Pinterest or catch up on the latest issue of a home decor magazine.

But don’t be fooled: Hintz-Zambrano and McCoy aren’t afraid to dive into the deeper issues of parenthood. “We’re really looking to set ourselves apart from the pack by … tackling real issues that every mom experiences,” Hintz-Zambrano tells PEOPLE.

On their list of tough topics? Let’s just say, fostering and adoption, infertility, and surrogacy are only at the tip of the iceberg.

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