Moss's daughter attending Spanish lessons

By auditioning contributor Kaisa

According to the Daily Express, model Kate Moss, 32, has enrolled daughter Lila Grace, 3, for private Spanish lessons. Kate herself regrets giving up school due to modelling and wants Lila to have excellent education.

A friend of hers told the Daily Express: "She wants things to be different for Lila, and thinks Spanish is a really important language for her to learn. She wants Lila to be fluent in the language by the time she’s a teenager, and doesn’t think she’s too young to be starting lessons at three. It’s already going well, Lila’s picked up a few Spanish words."

Kate is not the only celebrity to make her child learn another language: singer Madonna‘s two children attend a French-speaking school in London, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have also been teaching daughter Apple Spanish.

Source: Daily Express via

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