By peoplestaff225
Updated July 12, 2007 01:48 PM

I hate to clean (who doesn’t). But unless I hit the lottery, I’m going to have to continue doing it myself. Morris Powder has recently made my life MUCH easier. And its non-toxic! According to the company, the “”mild irritant” caution applies to Morris Powder in the powder format only. When Morris Powder is mixed in water there is no irritant present in the solution.” It’s also a biodegradable, environmentally safer cleaner. It contains no ammonia, no chlorine, no caustic materials, and no perfumes or dyes. It comes in a powder sachet form. Depending on how strong you want to use it, you add the powder to a container (an old spray bottle is what I used). Mix it up and you’re good to go! It can be used for cutting grease, cleaning floors, woodwork, appliances, stainless steel, counter-tops, fabrics, mirrors, laundry, carpets, upholstery, ceramic, cars, boats, and even jewelery and airplanes!! How cool is that!! The directions that come with it, tell you the best way to clean each type of item.

I cleaned my counters, my stove, microwave and my floor. Didn’t have the harsh chemical smells – which is great, because I’m pregnant and afraid to use strong cleaning products. I also worry about safely cleaning things my son will touch, like his booster seat, our table and floors. With Morris Powder, maybe I won’t have to worry so much, because it is non-toxic (like the crayons Ben tries to eat!).

I have to report that Morris Powder tested excellently. My hard-to-clean floor was sparkling!!!!! I also loved that I didn’t have to pull out the four separate cleaners I usually use for my counters, microwave, floor and stove! The price is very reasonable (8 packets for $19.99). I also liked that instead of locking away four products from my toddler, I would only have to keep this one high up and locked away.

Morris Powder was invented by James Morris, the former Executive Chef on the British television program, Emmerdale. Morris wanted to create a product that would clean kitchens as well as be safe around food, children and pets.

I highly recommend this product. For the environmental reasons and the fact this multi-purpose powder goes a long way. If you do the math, cleaning products are at least 3-4 dollars a bottle and the plastic will fill up the landfills. Why not just go for the eight sachets for the powder and reuse your old cleaning bottles? You’ll save some money, get a clean house, and know that its not going to harm your children if they use something Morris Powder has cleaned. I’m a fan.

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