Morgan and Bode Miller Expecting Baby: 'We Knew We Had More Space in Our Hearts to Give More Love'

"We're finally on our last pregnancy," Bode Miller tells PEOPLE

Morgan and Bode Miller are expanding their family.

PEOPLE exclusively announces that the couple, who wed in 2012, are expecting a baby.

"We're finally on our last pregnancy," Bode says as Morgan, who is due in November and plans to have a home birth, adds: "We're at the finish line."

They are parents to sons Nash, 6, Easton, 2, 18-month-old twins Asher and Aksel, and daughter Emeline, who drowned at 19 months old in June 2018. Bode is also dad to daughter Dace, 13, and son Nate, 8, from two previous relationships.

"After losing Emmy, we both felt like we wanted to try for a girl. You know, there's obviously no replacing kids," Bode shares. "All of ours are so unique that it's always a surprise, but then we had the identical twin boys [in 2019] and we were kind of like, 'Whoa, maybe, maybe that's the end for us.' "

Morgan, who learned she was pregnant at three-and-a-half weeks along, says, "We constantly knew that we had more space in our hearts to give more love. Kids require a lot of attention and a lot of love. We have a lot of attention and a lot of love to give, but we feel like this will be the last one for us to be able to put all of ourselves into. So that way, all of them still get a bunch of love and attention. And we're not stretching ourselves too thin."

bode and morgan miller with their family
Bode and Morgan Miller's pregnancy announcement. McCall Miller

Three years later, the devastating memories of June 9, 2018, are never gone, but time has helped heal the pain of Emmy's death. "It's not something you can ever get away from," says Morgan, who on that day had dropped by their neighbor's house with Emmy in California's Orange County and was having tea when she suddenly noticed her little girl was nowhere in sight. Emmy had wandered out through an open door to the backyard and in the shallow end of the pool. Paramedics arrived and rushed Emmy to the hospital, where she died the next day.

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For the PEOPLE shoot in April, Morgan, Bode and their four sons, all of whom split their time between California and Montana, released dozens of butterflies in memory of Emmy.

"When you lose someone like that, when you lose a child, you really recognize how special [that parent-child relationship] is. And not that we were ungrateful for what we had, our kids are absolutely incredible. But we just had so much more love to give and we had so much more love we wanted to give," Morgan says of her pregnancy, which they will find out the sex of the baby soon.

"We have a mixed bag of hoping for a boy or a girl," Morgan shares as the former Olympian, who retired from downhill skiing in 2017, adds, "I'm probably the most in the middle where I'll just be happy for a baby."

bode and morgan miller with their family
McCall Miller

The couple also recalls their kids' reactions when they found out another sibling will be joining the family. "It was across the board. We had a lot of different stuff. We had shock from Nate and Dace," Bode remembers.

"We were also reprimanded, like 'Another one? Hey, this is enough.' But once everyone got their heads wrapped around it, they were really excited," Morgan says. "We did find out that it's one baby and not two. There was definitely a little bit of, I don't want to say worry, but we're going to say worry that it was two, like twins. It's a lot. Twins followed by twins seems a little bit overwhelming."

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As their family expands with the new addition, Emmy will always be present in their lives as Bode says his little girl "still feels very much like a part of the family."

"She was incredibly stubborn and was an awesome, awesome kid to be around. But definitely taught me a lot about patience because she was the most stubborn. We had a really great, unique [father-daughter] relationship, a really special one," he shares.

The Millers continue to advocate for water safety awareness in memory of Emmy. "We work on it throughout the year, but definitely in summer months," Morgan says. "Even COVID, everyone was home and kids were home from school. Kids were home from daycare and drowning rates went up drastically. Drowning is still the number one cause of death for children under age 5. It's one of those things where when, after we lost Emmy, it became everyone rallied and it became this conversation. This is something that's completely preventable."

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