By peoplestaff225
Updated April 28, 2005 04:59 PM

This is a RUMOR, only a RUMOR. I want to make that clear. We received a tip from one reader, then last night I got an email about it from another site-who could have just gotten the information from us. Obviously a miscarriage is the kind of news no one wants to report, but given the nature of the site, we do want to report any celebrity baby news we hear. Please do not pass this around the net as being true-the fact is, we just don’t know.

You can read the news bit if you click the continuation link under the main post. We’ve done this out of respect for readers who don’t wish to read unsettling rumors such as this without actual confirmation. Thanks for understanding.

Just a few days after it was reported that editor Jane Pratt lost her twins, CBB Reader qtbrownie tells us that Sherri Shepherd (Less Than Perfect, BeautyShop) is also mourning the loss of her baby. Apparently, the boy that she and her husband were expecting in August did not survive into the sixth month of pregnancy.

This is especially sad news as it was a hard-won pregnancy for Sherri, who finally succeeded in conceiving through IVF. She and husband Jeff were planning to name the baby Jeffrey Charles Jr.

Still looking for a definitive source on this, so I’m posting it as a rumor for now. I’m really hoping that it’s not true.