Moon and Back Studios: Distinctive, hip stationery

Doesn’t it seem that as soon as you learn that you arepregnant you become a slave to stationery? What with thank you cards, birthannouncements and birthday party invitations it seems that in the first yearalone we spend all our money on paper! I, for one, am always looking for new custom stationerysites because I hate sending out paper goods that look just like the typicalones that everyone else sends out. Recently I discovered Moon and BackStudios, a stationery company dedicated to creating distinctive, hipstationery and gifts.

Moon and Back has the perfect selection of photodesktop calendars, personal notes, announcements and invitations. I love the paper they use and the colors print brightly, which I, personally, always look for. Included free in each order is the photo enhancement process, which makes all your photos look like professional ones (and which customers rave about).

If you are looking for a unique and custom stationery experience, think about choosing Moon and Back Studios for your next event. Check out their full collection at Exlcusively for CBB Readers: Enter ccbsave08 at checkout for 10% off your purchase of $50 or more. Good through February 28th.

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