By peoplestaff225
March 17, 2008 07:00 AM

Monsters under the bed, in the closet or, in my daughter’s case, in the light fixture … these are normal childhood fears that cause lots of sleepless nights for both parent and child. An easy way to calm your child’s fears is by introducing them to Zam, Zimbo, Zeek, Zelly and Zack, the five members of the monster family who make up The Sleeping Zzzzz©.

Created by Kathy Carabasi, Monster Proof® pajamas and TheSleeping Zzzzz© children’s book help ease children’s fears of monsters. The book tells the story of the five members of the Sleeping Zzzzz family, each with their unique personality that represents one of the five senses. Each member of the Sleeping Zzzzz family can use their special monster proof power to see, lick, hug, listen for and sniff out monsters.

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I loved this idea as soon as I heard about itbecause I was dealing with the whole "monster in the light fixture"issue. I had started to introduce the concept of "nice monsters" longbefore receiving this set but was glad to have the book put faces tothe names so to speak. After about three days of reading the book priorto bedtime my daughter started retelling the story proving that theideas were sticking. Now our only nighttime battle has been having todeal with her accepting the fact that we sometimes have to wash ourMonster Proof Pajamas.

Available for sale are the pj’s, book and plushdolls, or you could buy the gift set. Proceeds from each sale getdonated to organizations to help end abuse.(Free shipping for the month of March!) For more information, or topurchase, check out