October 11, 2010 05:00 PM

Frank Micelotta/Getty

Like all working moms, Monica says she’s striving for balance.

To that end, when it became apparent that sons Rocko, 5, and Romelo, 2½, had grown weary of life on the road Monica knew instinctively it was time to make a change.

“They have been very patient throughout this tour,” she points out to the Los Angeles Times, “but my 5-year-old just said, ‘Mama, I love the bus, but is this almost over?'”

For the R&B singer, 29, the choice was clear.

“That means it’s time for me to give them my undivided attention for a month or two,” she explains. “[But] I’ll go back in the studio. I want to find that balance again of catering to my relationship, my children and my family. But not disappearing in it the way I have the last time.”

And while she’s been open and honest about who she is — appearing on the reality show Still Standing, which chronicled her life while making the album of the same name — Monica says that the only approval she needs or seeks comes from Rocko and Romelo.

“I know that I have two young sons that are watching me on a daily basis,” she notes. “They will have to be able to look to me and be able to feel good about the person that raised them. I think about my kids and how they’ll feel even before I record certain records.”

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