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Updated August 29, 2009 08:00 PM

The nomadic existence of an actor isn’t always conducive to family life, but Monica Bellucci feels that life is what you make it. “The most important thing with children is to give them your time,” she tells the Daily Mail. “Actually, that’s all that matters.” To that end, while the 44-year-old actress and her daughter Deva — turning five next month — are currently living out of a New York City hotel, Monica concedes that their globetrotting days are coming to a close. “In a year, Deva’s going to have to go to school and I’m going to have to decide where we base ourselves,” she notes.

As for just where the family-of-three — which includes Monica’s husband Vincent Cassel — will eventually settle down, it remains to be seen. “Truly, I am a woman of the last minute,” Monica says. “When I was pregnant I organized three different hospitals because I couldn’t decide where I wanted to have my baby: London, Rome or Paris. In the end, I decided to go to Rome, arrived on the Monday and gave birth on the Saturday.”

The timing was fortuitous in more ways than one. “Deva arrived at a perfect moment for me,” Monica says. “I have done so many things in my life, been to so many places, had some great times — but when she came I was ready to give her everything.”

From the sound of things, Monica doesn’t have the energy for a night out on the town anyway! “Kids steal your sleep,” she notes. “I didn’t sleep for two years…I was breastfeeding for nine months.” She adds,

Source: Daily Mail

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