For those who prefer a stuffed animal that is neither a licensed character nor found in every mass retailer in town, Moncalinpresents an adorable option. French for "my cuddle," Moncalin’s plushpigs, cats, blankets and star shaped blankees are super soft andcuddly, handsewn, and made without beads or plastic parts. Details areembroidered so they are safe for infants. Plus they’re machinewashable.

Their two collections each include stuffed cats and pigs, double-sided blankets and blankees. The Classic Collection combines butter yellow, candy pink, or pistachio with contrasting striped features. The Chocolate Collectioncombines chocolate brown, pink, blue or pistachio with contrastingdetails, and are accented with a heart. Everything is meticulouslydesigned with children in mind. The fabrics are extremely soft andcuddly that you can’t help but rub it on your face. The blankees are star-shaped so babies have many different edges to chew on or play with. Similarly, the blankets are knotted on the corners so children can play with and grab them.

Celeb fans of Moncalin plush animals and blankets include Gwyneth Paltrow who wrote, "Oh my goodness, we are absolutely knocked out," Christian and Sibi Bale whose daughter was photographed in Us Weekly with their candy pink and melon blanket, Brooke Shields who wrote, "What a treat!" and Carnie Wilson who said, "Wow, I’ve never seen such an adorable pig!" Dustin Hoffman requested a custom bee plush animal for his upcoming film, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. Click here for photos of celebs posing with their favorite Moncalin plush.

Feel good about your purchase of Moncalin because they donate 10% of Internet profits to Stitches From the Heart, a non-profit organization that sendshandmade clothing, blankets, and love to premature babies all acrossthe nation. Stitches From the Heart also has a senior program thathelps seniors help others by donating yarn and supplies.