Mom's Video of Daughter Goes Viral When She Asks for Prince Charming Makeover Over Disney Princess

Jessica Skube was excited to allow her daughter to express herself in the way that felt best to her, she tells PEOPLE of the special experience

Mom's Video of Daughter at Disney Goes Viral When She Asks to Be Prince Charming Over a Princess
Lilia as Princess Jasmine, Lilia as Prince Charming. Photo: Jesssfamoffical/TikTok (2)

One mom is going viral for posting a beautiful moment she and her 11-year-old daughter shared during a Disney cruise last summer.

Sharing the moment in a TikTok, mom Jessica Skube showed scenes from daughter Lilia's Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique makeover on the Disney Wish, a Disney Cruise Line ship.

"My daughter told me something I never expected during her princess makeover," she wrote. "She realized who she really wanted to be."

The video shows Lilia being mid-transformation into Princess Jasmine, then shows the final product, where she appears as Prince Charming.

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Lilia, now almost 13, was enjoying the experience for the last time before aging out of the opportunity, Skube told PEOPLE about the moment.

"We were sailing on the Disney Cruise Line's new ship, the Disney Wish, and booked the Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique experience on a whim. Lilia had done this makeover before at Disneyland when she was younger, and since the experience only goes up to age 12, she was excited to do it one last time," the mom of seven tells PEOPLE.

"However, this time, before we even walked in, she pointed out the Prince Charming costume and asked if it would be an option for girls to wear. Considering she's only ever picked princess outfits in the past, this caught me off guard a little bit. But hey, it's just an outfit! I told her it was completely her choice," Skube explains.

Initially, Lilia decided against Prince Charming because it meant missing out on the hair and makeup package she wanted. Instead, she went with Jasmine because she was the only princess who wore pants instead of a dress.

"When she was about halfway through the makeover, I remember her looking and me and saying, 'Mom, I think I really want to be a Prince instead.' So that's what we did!" Skube shares.

"She changed from Princess Jasmine to Prince Charming. And seeing how her face lit up when she slipped on that Prince outfit, there was no doubt in my mind that it was the right choice for her. She couldn't contain her excitement and repeatedly said, 'I LOVE this! I'm in LOVE with this.'"

Skube added, "She went on wearing it proudly the entire night without a care in the world of what anyone else thought about it. She has always been loud and proud about who she is, so I can't say I'm completely surprised by her choice. But seeing her fight for who she truly is and in the prince outfit, I'm the proudest mom ever!"

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