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A great little “extra” for a new mommy is Parenting Magazine contributing editor JulieTilsner’s Mommy Yoga: The 50 Stretches of Motherhood published by Ten SpeedPress is perfect for moms who knowingly practice yoga and those who don’trealize they are doing it everyday alike.

Filled with funny “poses” like the Kangaroo (Stand with babyin front pouch or sling. At the first hint of a cry sway to and fro…Repeat asnecessary through day and night.) and Downward Fish (With feet planted firmlyon the floor, bend at the waist and extend your arms into the toilet bowl. Scoopout all plastic toys. Rinse as needed.) I can’t think of any new mom who won’tfind humor in this book.

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for only $11 and give a new mom amuch-needed laugh.