Do you ever wear jewelry that’s so stylish and beautiful it actually makes you stand up straighter all day? Now what if your baby starts chewing on that lovely accessory of yours? Well, if it’s a teething necklace or bracelet from Momma’s Jewels ($115+ for bracelets, $160+ for necklaces), then you’ll feel pretty chuffed that it’s being put to good use!

This exquisite sterling silver necklace is available in three options — with one ring, two rings, or three rings. I have their gorgeous signature 3 Ring option, but whichever you choose, it will dazzle more than just your baby when you wear it. Both stylish and functional, the teething necklace from Momma’s Jewels will fast become a treasured piece in your jewelry collection (even if it’s the only piece in your jewelry collection!).

It’s cool and soothing on baby’s tender gums, it’s attached to you so even when baby tries to play the dropping game, it’s not going anywhere, it’s hand-soldered and polished in the USA, and it makes you look great! And I just love the little bite marks that are slowly appearing on my necklace. This is one piece of jewelry I know I’ll be passing on to my daughter.

The Momma’s Jewels tagline is ‘For you to wear… For your baby to love.’ Well, let me tell you… though I may be the only one wearing this necklace, my baby certainly isn’t the only one loving it.

— Stephanie

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