November 12, 2008 11:30 AM

Jim Bourg/Reuters/Landov

As Michelle Obama prepares to take on the title of First Lady, she has a lot of decisions to make in the weeks to come. Her top priority, though? Caring for daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, of course. According to the Sunday Telegraph, Michelle has recruited her mother, 71-year-old Marian Robinson, to leave her home on the South Side of Chicago and move into the White House with the first family. It’s reportedly the first time in history that three generations of a new presidential family have moved together to Washington, D.C. Michelle, who is an attorney, has vowed not to work while in D.C., instead focusing her energies on her First Lady duties and her daughters’ needs.

Before moving in January, though, Michelle and her husband, President-elect Barack Obama, must chose a D.C.-area school for their daughters. The family is reportedly leaning toward one of three private schools in the city’s metro area, and has contacted past First Families, including the Clintons, to seek advice. Though the Obama girls will face the daily pressures of class and homework, they also have a lot of perks ahead: decorating their bedrooms with whatever colors and furniture they desire, enjoying the White House cinema, swimming pool and bowling alley…and possibly guest starring on the hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana!

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