August 09, 2012 11:00 AM

Gia Canali

Meet Brooks Alan Stuber!

Molly Sims introduces her newborn son in a Thursday post on her website, sharing photos and anecdotes about her first month as a mom.

“My first seven weeks as a mama have been both amazing and hard,” the model and actress, 39, writes.

“There’s a lot of sleep deprivation involved, but I guess that comes with the territory! Brooks has been sleeping in 2½ to 3½-hour shifts, so I’ve been learning to nap when he naps.”

Sims and husband Scott Stuber have been enjoying dressing their little man up — Brooks sometimes wears up to three outfits a day, she admits — and says they’re constantly taking photos of their son, who loves to be swaddled.

“I think that no matter how prepared you are — no matter how many hours you spend researching strollers, stocking up on organic baby food, and decorating the nursery — there’s simply nothing that can prepare you for the feeling that comes with holding your baby for the first time,” she adds.

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