"I can't believe our angel is already 1 year old!" Sims tells PEOPLE exclusively

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Updated December 03, 2020 06:08 AM
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Molly Sims‘ celebration of her daughter Scarlett May‘s first birthday was a super girly and pink affair.

“I love a theme,” the actress and blogger, 42, tells PEOPLE. “This year, with help of the creative expertise from Stefanie Cove, we celebrated Scarlett with lots of pink, springtime florals, cupcakes — and a little rosé for the adults, of course!”

Molly Sims Daughter Scarlett Birthday

Gia Canali

The party — held at Sims’ L.A. area home on March 12 — included a dessert station and crafting stations by artist Nicola Vruwink. The Everyday Supermodel author and her birthday girl wore custom floral bunny ear crowns created by JL Designs.

“It was such a special day filled with friends and family,” says Sims, who marked the occasion along with her husband, producer Scott Stuber, 47, and son Brooks Alan, 3½.

“I can’t believe our angel is already 1 year old! Scarlett is such a loveable, hilarious and magical baby girl. She adds more joy to our lives than we could have ever imagined!”

Molly Sims Daughter Scarlett Birthday

Gia Canali

DIY your own flower crowns and tissue paper flowers with Vruwink’s easy-to-follow instructions:

Floral Crowns

Materials and tools:
18-gauge paper wrapped floral stem wire (brown)
Rose gold mylar tissue sheets
Silk flowers
Hot glue sticks/glue gun
Wire cutters
Bone folder (optional)

1. Shape the floral stem wire into a circular loop to fit the crown of your head, and trim to be a few inches longer to leave an opening. This allows the crown to be adjustable.

2. Cut leaf shapes from the rose gold mylar tissue paper. Fold and score lines into the leaves.

3. Pick the flowers off of the wire branch or stem that they came on and remove the back stem/green piece from each flower.

4. Begin attaching the flowers and leaves to the circular loop with small drops of hot glue. Make the crown asymmetrical with a slightly large grouping of flowers to one side, and then work your way around the crown with flowers, filling in with the leaves.

5. To finish off the crown, attach two ribbons to each end. This allows the crown to be adjustable, and makes them extra pretty.

6. Give to your favorite beauty or cutie!

Molly Sims Daughter Scarlett Birthday

Nicola Vruwink

Small Tissue Paper Flowers

Materials and Tools:
Tissue paper (cream and coral)
Floral stem wire
Floral wire
White floral tape
Dried moss
Wire cutters

1. Cut petals from tissue paper in three sizes: small, medium and large. These can be any scale you like depending on how big you want your flower to be when finished.

2. Cut floral stem wire into desired stem lengths.

3. Starting with the small petals, gather them around the flower stem wire, slightly overlapping as you circle the stem. Attached five to six small petals, and secure with floral wire.

4. Continue with the medium and large petals in same manner – five to six of each will suffice – and secure with floral wire.

5. Finish off by wrapping the wire with the white floral tape.

6. Cut a small circle of tissue paper from a different color than the petals, glue a little bit of moss on the circle, and insert into center of your flower.

Molly Sims Daughter Scarlett Birthday

Nicola Vruwink

Large Tissue Paper Flowers

Materials and tools:
1 roll of chicken/poultry wire
Plastic party cups
Tie or sculpture wire
Tissue paper (green, coral and cream)
White school glue
Glue stick
2 or 3-inch paint brush
Dried moss
Floral wire
Green duct tape
Wire cutters
Work gloves

For the stem:
1. Mix cement and fill plastic cups, one per flower.

2. Cut and form the chicken wire into stem shapes of desired heights. Wear gloves to protect your hands!

3. Once the cement has dried, attach the plastic cup upside down to the base of the stem, shaping the chicken wire to the cup, and secure with duct tape.

4. Create a glue mixture of one part white school glue and one part water.

5. Cut green tissue paper into strips and wrap the stem, adhering with the water/glue mixture. Cover with several layers, using as little glue as possible.

For the leaf:
1. Shape wire loosely into the shape of a leaf and stem with adequate length for attaching.

2. Cut multiple layers of green tissue paper into the shape of a leaf to match the wire outline.

3. Using a glue stick, glue several layers of the tissue paper leaves together, and sandwich the wire between the tissue paper to cover.

4. Wrap the stem with strips of tissue paper and set aside.

For the flower:
1. Cut three sizes of petals out of tissue paper. These should be large to match the size of the stems, approximately ranging from 18″ x 20″ to 24″ x 30″. You will need six to eight of each petal size per flower.

2. Gather the petals, starting with the smallest petals, working circularly and overlapping each petal.

3. Once the optimal size/fullness reached, secure with floral wire.

4. Cut several layers of tissue paper into circles approximate 6-8 inches in diameter.

5. Crumple up the edges and glue several layers together with a glue stick.

6. Glue the dried moss to the center, and attach to the center of your big flower.

1. Attach big flower to the top of the stem with floral wire.

2. Attach leaf.

3. Boom! You are done!

— Gabrielle Olya