"I didn't want to have to redo her room every year," Molly Sims admits while taking fans on a video tour of her daughter Scarlett May's sweet space

By Maria Pasquini
January 26, 2018 12:00 PM

Molly Sims put a lot of thought into coming up with the perfect decor for her daughter Scarlett May‘s room.

Boasting a look that would stand the test of time in her mom and dad Scott Stuber‘s home, the 2½-year-old’s sleep space features white walls, light wooden fixtures, custom art pieces and just a pop of hot pink and metallic colors.

The model and actress recently gave a video tour of her daughter’s room on her YouTube channel, which she created alongside interior designer Tiffany Harris — who also collaborated with the mother of three on her 1-year-old son Grey Douglas‘ serene, happiness-inspired nursery.

“Your kid’s room should be playful, but that doesn’t mean it has to be childish,” Sims begins, adding that she was “very strategic” in planning her daughter’s room.

“I wanted her to have furniture that she could grow with and I wanted her [color] palette to be neutral,” Sims explains. “I wanted her to be able to be in the same room 14 years later. And to be honest, I didn’t want to have to redo her room every year.”

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Molly Sims’ daughter Scarlett’s bedroom
Iana Kozelsky

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Explaining where the idea for keeping her daughter’s color palette simple came from, the 44-year-old reveals that one day she was “given a gift in this adorable cardboard box with rose gold, pink, and white printing … that was it!”

“Kids are so messy and they have so many things,” Sims remarks, adding that one of her biggest decorating tips is to “Let their artwork or let their toys or let their stuff … let that be the color in your room.”

“There’s so much color in everything that they have so you don’t have to really scream color on all the walls,” she advises.

Molly Sims’ daughter Scarlett’s bedroom
Iana Kozelsky
Molly Sims’ daughter Scarlett’s bedroom
Iana Kozelsky

Sims — also mom to son Brooks Alan, 5½ — also reveals that “just like the rest of our home, I wanted Scar’s built-ins to be open and airy.”

“Brooks and Scar go to a Montessori School that teaches by hands-on and collaborative play, so I made her room like that,” Sims says. “She’s able to play with her baskets, take out her clothes, put on her nightgowns. She has access to all of her books and toys.”

Sims also advocates for buying — and layering — rugs that have “a little bit of texture in it” because that way “if you spill [something on] it, you can’t see it.”

Molly Sims’ daughter Scarlett’s bedroom
Iana Kozelsky

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Another one of her hot tips? Buy furniture and decorations made from waterproof or outdoor fabric. “You want the happy mess, but you don’t want people to see the happy mess,” she adds.

Sims went on to reveal what her favorite part of her daughter’s room is: a custom pink mobile.

“She actually sleeps with it on right now because she’s going through that transition of not wanting to sleep in her crib,” she notes, adding that the crib was a hand-me-down from Brooks.

Molly Sims’ daughter Scarlett’s bedroom
Iana Kozelsky

Sharing one last piece of advice, Sims notes, “The most important thing is really making your rooms transitional.”

“I love this room because it really doesn’t feel like a baby,” she says. “It doesn’t even feel like a toddler — everyone who walks in is like, ‘Oh my God, I love this room.’ ”

“It has a sense of calm, it has a good energy and it’s just a place where we can make that happy mess,” explains the proud mom.