Molly Shannon and Kids Hit the Shops

Kath & Kim star Molly Shannon had her hands full on Saturday, carrying her shopping bags and leading children Stella, 5 ½, and Nolan, 4 this month, while still keeping a smile on her face!

Molly, 44, recently spoke to Working Mother about one of her most stressful moments as a mom thus far, which occurred as she flew into LAX alone with the children.

“At the baggage claim, I was trying to balance the stroller with both of them in it and carry the bags, and there was just a lot going on. The stroller tipped over, and the kids screamed because they were scared. No one was hurt. This kind of thing happens to all moms, but talk about pressure. I’ve accepted that I’m not perfect. I have lists of things I need to get done each week, and a lot of stuff might not get done. You know what? That’s okay.”

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