Advertisement spoke to actress Regina King who began her career over 20 years ago as a teenager playing Marla Gibbs’ daughter on the sitcom, 227. Since then, you have seen her on the silver screen in the classic Boyz n the Hood, playing Cuba Gooding Jr.’s wife in Jerry Maguire, Will’s Smith’s wife in Enemy of the State, Eddie Murphy’s wife in Daddy Day Care, Jamie Foxx’s lover in Ray, you get the picture.

Most recently, she played Reese Witherspoon’s adversary in Legally Blonde 2, but finally she has her own plot line as President Palmer’s sister in 24. As the legal counsel to an Islamic-American organization, she has the courage to stand up to the FBI and her brother in order to protect the civil rights of its members and Islamic-Americans at large.

The woman who once played the daughter is now a mother herself to her son, Ian Alexander Jr., 7. When asked about what she wants to pass on to Ian, she said,

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