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Updated February 09, 2007 11:35 AM

Update: Added scans courtesy Polly at the Fashion Spot. Click ‘Continue Reading’ to view.

Originally posted February 6th: Model Eva Herzigova, 33, has announced – by way of an Italian Vanity Fair photo spread – that she is 6 months pregnant. Dad is Gregorio Marsiaj, 30. Highlights from the article:

On being pregnant: “Feeling a life growing inside me has revealed my feminility. I was a girl who always wore pants (…) now, I only want to be taken care of. I have an appetite like I never had before: I used to hate sweets, now I can’t resist the smell of pastries. I have to take care of myself like never before.”

On gaining weight: “The thought of my belly growing made me feel anguished. But now that it is happening I don’t care. I eat everything I want.”

More kids?: "We want at least 3 children and I’m ready to have number 2 straight away. I don’t want to be one of those who, after giving birth, runs to the gym."

Thanks to CBB reader Joana.