By peoplestaff225
April 16, 2008 07:00 AM

My daughter is starting to be afraid of the dark. Lately she’s been asking that we leave hall lights on and her door open while she falls asleep, and she’s only 2-years-old! I know these fears can come up at any time, but I fear that we have a long road ahead of us. That road got a little brighter when I found the Mobi TykeLight!

This friendly-shaped night light is the perfect shape for little hands to grab onto and is easy to use.

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Mom and Dad simply make sure that it remains charged (one charge canlast up to 10 hours) and you turn it on as needed. It has apower-button on the bottom that can be set to one of three settings,bright, low and dimmer timer. Timer mode is my favorite feature, youpush the power button three times and the TykeLight starts outbright and slowly and gradually dims over 15 minutes. You can hardlynotice it and your child sure won’t notice anything.


  • Fun and exciting playtime friend

  • Friendly and soothing night light

  • 3 light modes: bright, low and dimmer

  • Gentle sleep mode with 15 min. light dimmer

  • Safety light w/ “Auto-On” during power outage

  • Battery or AC power

  • 10 hr. built in rechargeable batteries

  • Safe and durable

I absolutely love how portable this product is. Now that my daughter is familiar with her TykeLight, I am able to take it with us when we travel and she knows that it’s part of her nighttime routine no matter where we are.

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