Mobi Digital Ultra Thermometer: Temperatures rising

Thermometers are a necessity. Every nursery needs one and you will use it, though hopefully not a lot! I recently got the Mobi Ultra Digital Thermometer, and I can’t help but wonder where it’s been all my life. My previous thermometer was the Braun Thermoscan IRT4520, and it did the job but lacked in features. The Mobi Ultra Digital Thermometer fills those gaps and then some.

First of all, it talks! It actually tells you your temperature when it does a reading and will recite the time and internal room temperature. Best of all, you can shut this feature off, if your poor child is resting during an illness and you need a silent reading.

It has a full digital display, with a backlight, that displays the current date, time and room temperature. The temperature read out screen is large and easy to see. My favorite feature is the mini flashlight for nighttime use without disturbinga sleeping child, it actually shines to help guide the tip to your target. And your target can be one of two spots, this thermometer can actually do a reading from the forehead or ear. Have I mentioned how fast it is? 2 Seconds! It does a reading in 2 seconds! My daughter can’t even swat at it that fast.

I have to note that for infants and very young children, nothing is as accurate as a rectal thermometer. But, who really wants to go through all that. This thermometer will do the trick, and without the discomfort and mess! Find the Mobi Ultra Digital Thermometer ($30), here.

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