Devastated Wife of Engineer on Missing El Faro Is Pregnant with Twins: 'He's Never Coming Home'

"He will never know that we are having twin girls," says Katie Griffin about her husband Keith who is missing on the El Faro cargo ship

Photo: Katie Griffin

Just one week ago Katie Griffin spent her day emailing with her husband Keith, the first engineer aboard the El Faro cargo ship.

“We talked about our day and at 6 p.m. he said he had just finished dinner and was going to bed,” says Katie. “He said it was rough and stormy and that he loved me. He didn’t plan on getting much sleep. ”

It was the last time she heard from him.

On Tuesday, she drove to the doctor and learned that she was pregnant with twin girls. She was also informed that the Coast Guard had confirmed that her husband’s ship sank after it was caught in Hurricane Joaquin last week.

“It was so awful,” Katie, 33, says of learning the genders of her twins. “I broke down. I should be happy, but that fact that I’m not going to be able to share my two little girls with him is heartbreaking.”

The pregnant mom from Fort Myers, Florida, tells PEOPLE that she wakes up wide awake in the middle of the night thinking of how she will live her life without him.

“He’s never coming home,” she says. “I wish they would search for him forever.”

Keith Griffin was among the 28 Americans and five Polish nationals who were on board the ship.

On Wednesday, the Coast Guard announced that they ended the search for the missing ship and its crew.

“I know the Coast Guard’s worked tirelessly but it upsets me a lot. I don’t want them to give up,” she says.

Katie says she had been counting down the days until her husband returned from sea – just 13 from the last time they talked on Sept. 30.

Their Love Story

Katie was a waitress at a popular bar in Tampa when she met Keith, a sailor who traveled around the world including Egypt and South Korea.

“I knew right after I met him that he was special,” she says. “We went on one date and that was it.”

He caught her attention with his humor and even when she was mad at him, she couldn’t help but laugh.

After getting married they knew they wanted to have children and on July 9, they found out she was pregnant. Then, on September 24, which happened to be Katie’s birthday, she received more news – they were going to have twins.

“He was out on sea but I called him on Facebook Messenger because I wanted to see his face,” she says. “He was so happy and was in tears.”

At first, the couple agreed that they wanted the gender to be a surprise, but after the revelation that they were having two, they decided to find out.

“He always wanted to know,” says Katie, while crying on the phone. “But I didn’t.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help raise money for Katie and her twins.

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