April 03, 2017 01:35 PM


Being a working mom isn’t easy for Mireille Enos.

The Catch star shares son Larkin Zouey, 2½, and daughter Vesper Vivienne, 6½, with husband Alan Ruck. And while she loves being a mother, she admits there are parts that, given her career, are really difficult.

“Mommy works a lot, and there was this one moment where Vesper, who was probably 2 [at the time], when she heard that I had to go to work again, she was trying very hard to be brave,” recalls the actress, 41.

“And she just sat down in her little chair with her little lip quivering, but trying not to cry, and it was awful,” she says.

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Enos’ daughter is now 6½, though, and The Killing alum admits that her little girl takes after her mom in one very specific way.

“My daughter has a stubborn streak, which I definitely have,” she explains. “She just informs me of how things are going to be — how they’re gonna go. And I think back to my poor parents.”

Speaking of her parents, they instilled a work ethic in Enos that the mother of two is successfully passing on to her own children.

“Both of them are really hard workers, and they taught me that life is work, a lot of it, and if you can learn to get joy out of the process of work, then you’ll have a happy life,” she shares.

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Enos’ kids make her laugh constantly (“Instead of saying ‘sword fight’ he was saying, ‘Sword farts!’ ” she recalls of a recent moment from Larkin’s play), but she confesses there are certain pre-parent moments she can’t help feeling nostalgic over.

“I used to sleep nine hours a night,” she laments. “And then I would wake up and [lie] in bed, and just let my mind wander and think. I miss that.”

But on the plus side, she’s got a helper in Vesper, who’s happy to embrace her big sister role.

“[Vesper] took [Larkin] by the hand, she brushed his teeth, she picked out a book for him,” Enos recalls of a recent episode where her daughter requested to help put her little brother to bed. “I put him in his crib. She sat, she read him a book and then she told us we were ‘Allowed to leave, please.’ “

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Enos continues, “So we went out and she sat and she sang to him and hung out with him until he went to sleep. It was really beautiful.”

Season 2 of Shonda Rhimes‘ legal thriller The Catch airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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