minui HandySitt: The Handiest Little High Chair in Town

My parents’ house has had a big high chair smack dab in the middle of the dining room for four years. But since we’ve been using our new minui HandySitt ($149) — an incredible portable high chair — there’s suddenly a lot more space in there when we visit. And my daughter couldn’t be happier now that she gets to join everyone at the table.

This ingenious wooden high chair, suitable for children from 6 months to 5 years, attaches to almost any dining chair and is an absolute breeze to set up. About five minutes after opening the box, I was sitting my daughter down to dinner with the rest of us. And when dinner’s done, the chair can stay in place (it takes up much less space than a traditional high chair) or it can fold down flat and tuck away.

It’s portable, too. So it’s a great high chair to bring to restaurants and dinner parties. (Well, if you’re still brave enough to go to either of those with your kids in tow.)

The minui HandySitt — which counts Amanda Peet’s daughter Frances, 2, amongst its users — comes in seven stylish finishes (I’m partial to the pretty Antique finish) and has some great optional accessories, too. We tested the Basic Cushion ($27.50), which makes the seat nice and soft without taking away much of the seating space, and the StandAlone ($32.50), a set of legs that quickly and easily convert the HandySitt into a stand-alone chair for an older toddler, and loved both.

Compact, modern and truly beautiful, the minui HandySitt folding high chair offers the best of both worlds: It enhances your child’s eating experience while enhancing the look of your dining room. Now that’s a high chair worthy of high praise.


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