January 12, 2011 04:00 PM

Michael Williams/Startraks

At least he knew it was a barn!

Minnie Driver‘s 2-year-old son Henry Story is not only talking up a storm but singing, like he did over the holidays.

“He sang Old MacDonald to the Nativity scene in Malibu because he thought that’s what it was — a farm,” the actress, 40, laughs.

The Conviction star says her toddler is also attempting skateboarding while she tries to keep up.

“He’s divine,” Driver told PEOPLE at the premiere of Barney’s Version in New York on Monday.

She shares her secret to balancing life as a single, working mom: a staunch British disposition. “You just get on with it, really,” Driver explains.

“I think being English is quite good for being a working mother. But I suppose every mum in every country is a working mother in some way. You get on with it, but it’s a little challenging sometimes.”

Would Driver — who has declined to name Henry’s father — like more children in the future? “I would, very, very much so,” she shares.

— Asher Fogle

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