Minnie Driver's Baby Name Dilemma

Driver says that – boy or girl – she's going to have a tough time naming her child

Photo: Mike Rozman/Warner Bros

Minnie Driver announced her pregnancy on The Tonight Show – and now she’s chatting with Ellen DeGeneres about the biggest dilemma facing her right now: what to name her baby.

“I have a pretty silly name,” the Riches star says on an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show scheduled to air Monday. “Driver is kind of a hard name to put with a first name, particularly boys names My friend sent me an email saying I should call the baby Duncan Driver. Then I can call it Dunk Driver, Pile Driver, Rally Driver.”

Joked DeGeneres: “So you re hoping for a girl, you’re saying.”

“I’m hoping for a girl,” Driver answered. “I think it’s a girl. Most of the women in my family get super girthy early on and I’ve got to say that’s why I have this nice chiffon dress on. I’m fat. ”

Already “four [months] and a bit” along in her pregnancy, Driver, 38, tells DeGeneres why she waited to reveal it – even as speculation grew. “I didn’t do an announcement because I’m not really an announcement girl,” she said. “I’m wearing red knickers. I’m also having a child, not really my thing. So I didn’t say anything.”

Another thing Driver did not mention: The father of her baby.

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