July 11, 2008 02:25 PM

When Minnie Driver gives birth to her first child next month, she ll find out for the first time whether she’s having a boy or a girl.

“I’m old-fashioned,” the actress, 38, said at the New York press junket for her new film Take, a drama opening July 18.

“Women for thousands of years have not found out,” she says. “I couldn’t base something that was so auspicious and beautiful of that moment, and take away the surprise for home décor.”

Her family and friends, however, can’t stop speculating.

“They say you lose your sweet tooth, which apparently means it’s a boy, but I’m convinced the baby is a girl,” says Driver. “I’ve kind of lost my sweet tooth, but my mum is like, ‘No, you’re fat like I was, and I only had girls.’ She meant thick in my waist!”

Driver has also discovered some unique cravings during her pregnancy. “I’ve been addicted to green foods,” she says. “Green apples are probably the highest priority on my list. They are my complete obsession. I have a refrigerator full of them.”

Morning Sickness Passed

Despite initial bouts of morning sickness, Driver says that her pregnancy has been “very easy. It’s been very peaceful, finally, when the nausea went away. That was the worst part: the sickness. It was hardcore.”

Will the delivery be as easy? Driver hopes so, but she has opted to give birth naturally. “I’m totally the crunchy, Mother Earth-type, and I’m not looking for any type of intervention,” she says. “So I’m afraid.”

With the last few weeks of pregnancy ahead of her, Driver is keeping busy serenading her child. “I play the guitar a lot, so the baby gets a lot of guitar,” says Driver. “I think it likes it. It moves around a lot.”

And with all the anticipation for her upcoming delivery, Driver is already dreaming about her little one. “The baby told me their favorite color was green,” she says. “Maybe that’s why I like green food so much. It’s weird.”

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