Like mother, like son! Minnie Driver says in a new interview with iVillage that she and Henry Story, 13 months, have a lot in common — including an affinity for high-end bedding!

“He likes soft things, which is just like me,” she shares. “He likes the sheets on my bed; They’re all silky.” In fact, Minnie adds with a laugh, Henry “likes nothing better than to take his clothes off and roll around” on the bed. Baby boy is also “very cheeky” and — like mom — has “a good sense of humor,” Minnie proudly reports.

Shooting her new film Motherhood while in her third trimester was tough, Minnie admits. “It was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and you just want to be asleep,” she recalls. “Really, that’s what you should be doing when you’re pregnant; I didn’t really have much business making a movie when I was that pregnant.”

Since Henry has arrived, Minnie says that combining work with motherhood presents its own fair share of challenges. If she’s feeling stressed, the 39-year-old actress isn’t showing it, however. She adds,

Noting that “babies fit into your life, they really do,” Minnie says that because Henry adheres to “a really strong schedule” she’s able to make it work. “It means we can kind of go anywhere and do anything and be together.”

When asked how becoming a mom has changed her as a person, Minnie says that “it just puts everything else into perspective.” She elaborates,

It’s also changed her take on retail therapy — drastically! “I don’t shop for myself anymore; I can no more go and spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes because I just translate it into stuff at Toys ‘R’ Us,” she explains with a laugh. “Like, wow, those shoes would be a water table, three push bikes and an igloo. I can’t buy them.”

Source: iVillage

— Missy