By peoplestaff225
Updated July 05, 2008 03:00 PM

Despite her previous musings on the subject, Minnie Driver will not be delivering the baby she’s expecting in August in her native Britain. In fact, to hear the 38-year-old actress tell it, baby-on-the-way — a delivery surprise — won’t be raised there, either. "Definitely not," Minnie recently told Hello magazine, "I’ve made my home in America. I love it." She added,

As confident as she is in her choice, Minnie revealed that she’s still battling some first-time mom jitters. She admitted that she still thinks of herself as "a mess" who gives her own mother "a hard time," and often finds herself wondering "How on earth am I going to have anything relevant to say to this child?" To that end, her game plan is simple. Said Minnie,

Source: Daily Mail via Hello; Photo by Tom Vickers/Splash News.